Scholar Reader

Scholar Reader

Our Scholar Reader platform can be used by learners either as part of Scholar 3.0
or as a standalone tool for all digital & learning content consumption

Feature-rich content
Reader solution

The reader is a service/ tool that allows the publishers and eLearning services providers to integrate with their existing eBook or eLearning delivery solutions, so that their customers (Learners) can consume eLearning content (eBooks, audiobooks, videos, etc.) in multiple formats seamlessly within your original site itself.

Compatible with other eLearning solutions, the Reader can integrate into any existing system to further increase user experience through the build-in tools for learners. The Reader allows for accessing data from any hosting server including third-party ones and, more importantly, the tool does not store any data – which means complete security for your users.

A ready to deploy, safe and secure eReader for
your eLearning and ePublishing platforms

Deliver content sources from multiple hosting servers

Using the RaaS version, access content hosted on your own or third-party servers

Third-party eLearning platform support

Use the Reader with any other eLearning solutions without additional subscriptions

Seamless user experience

Provides best-in-class user experience for your learners

Guaranteed security

Your content is safely delivered with the best encryption standards and DRM practices

Facilitates all forms of Pedagogy, Andragogy, and Heutagogy

Supports learning experience for all types of learners – administered minors and adults or self-managed learners.

Multi-language translation support

Translations are available in more than 50 languages

Built-in study tools for learners

Features such as highlight, underline, notes, summarize, learning assessments, etc

A single eReader for all content types and content formats

Plays eBooks (PDF, EPUB, EPUB3), videos, audiobooks, multimedia, courses, etc

Save on development cost

A ready to deploy and scalable solution at a fraction of the cost of developing your own from scratch

Looking to create a perfect
solution for your business needs?

We have the experience, extensive technical stack, and polished processes to
help you cover your goals and objectives.

How your end users can benefit
further from Scholar Reader?

How your end users can benefit further
Seamless experience with an existing learning portal

No need to re-login
No separate investment in a separate reader

How your end users can benefit further
Unified experience for all content formats

At one portal (search, buy, and consume)

How your end users can benefit further
Easy discoverability of content

Search the learning content (eBooks, Courses, etc.) by name or keywords within the content itself

How your end users can benefit further
Virtual replica of the real-life learning experience

Built-in personalization tools , assistive tools, and a virtual reading-room. Centralized view of all your personalizations (notes, highlights etc.)

How your end users can benefit further

Can access eLearning from anywhere, not restricted by the number of downloads even if you change devices

How your end users can benefit further
Continuity of learning

Continuity of learning between pauses and across devices

Why Scholar Reader?

  • Save months of engineering efforts with ready-to-embed reader APIs for any platform
  • Seamless compatibility with many other eLearning platforms
  • White-labeled reader for easy adoption to other platforms
  • Built-in study tools including Highlights, Underline, Notes, Summarize, and Assessment
  • Online & offline content reading support
  • A secure platform with built-in encryption for your contents and with military-grade DRM.

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