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Metadata Tag Extractor™

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About Metadata Tag Extractor™

Metadata Tag Extractor™ is the fuel that enriches digital content. It generates appropriate tags to build insights into your learning content – with the aid of knowledge graphs (datapoints linked by relations that describe your field of learning content delivery). Powered by AI-NLP, Metadata Tag Extractor™ can automatically generate insights from a given learning content and associate them with tags that reveal additional information. This helps you create your specific web of knowledge representing your organization or business domain.

Powerful tools made simple…

Powerful tools made simple…

SEO Tag Extractor

Sharpen your SEO efforts by auto extracting tags from
your content.

Enhance content discoverability

Feed ready tags to your CMS/DMS to enable your content to be found, easily.

Sentiment Analysis

Arrive at the overall sentiment of a piece of text with NLP’s
tag extraction powers.

Document classification

Manage your documents and collaterals better by getting ready
tags to bundle up.

How is it useful for you?

Tags are more than topics- they help capture the key ideas and key themes from a piece of content with ease. In the era of hashtagging and its reliance on categorization, “Metadata Tagger” comes with AI/ML NLP-powered capabilities to extract relevant tags from your document. This helps systems index and find the document faster, makes the life of SEO experts easier, and helps in driving classification efforts of any kind.

Manage your content through automatically extracted meta tags! Contact our Solution Expert at today!
How is it useful for you?

Manage your content through
automatically extracted meta tags!