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Newly released iPublishCentral 3.0: A quick overview

It’s been a month since we released iPublishCentral 3.0. I’ll try to explain some of the features we have added in this release. The most significant one is clearly the ‘Book as an App’ and ‘Bookstore as an App’ Frameworks. The frameworks are the first step for us to help publishers to build rich and interactive eBook apps. The bookstore is aimed at a collection of books and book app framework is to help create rich single book apps. I had mentioned in an earlier blog how rich book apps can create an entirely new business opportunity and how publishers and consumers have began to endorse rich book apps. The frameworks make it possible to create an abstraction of common essential functionality that spans across apps so that teams building new apps can focus on enriching the content rather than building common functionality over and over again.

The second significant feature of iPublishCentral is the ability to integrate eBook and print book sales from one location. This helps avoid the costs of maintaining separate infrastructure for print and eBook sales. It also provides the opportunity to create new bundles from one point of sale, buy 3 books get an eBook free or offer print and eBook combos at a new special price. Can this feature be integrated seamlessly to your existing electronic or print infrastructure? Absolutely! The services team at iPublishCentral will help make this transition seamless and with minimum downtime.

The third significant feature is the enhancements to the distribute module. Sameer, Founder and CEO – iPublishCentral, in his presentation at The Tools of Change Conference had mentioned how publishers are creating infrastructure to tackle the needs of a global market. This demand prompted us to make the enhancements that increase the scalability and reliability of the distribute module. Large pushes of book info and metadata can easily be done to span large number of end points. The status of these pushes can also be monitored in real time with any failures being clearly identified. The reason for failure is also provided so that corrective action can be done for that specific push without redoing the entire action again.

If you would like more information or would like a new feature to be added to iPublishCentral, please email us at info@ipublishcentral.com