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Reminiscing Impelsys’ Success at London Book Fair 2015

Impelsys exhibited London Book Fair for the sixth time, this year. Being held at Olympia for the first time, the experience of attending the Fair was altogether a refreshing one.

Impelsys has been devising innovative technology solutions for the publishing industry for over a decade. Over time, we have transformed from being a pioneer in digital publishing to becoming a seasoned thought leader, driving change at a much deeper level and interacting with many parts of the Publisher workflow. Our platforms, built to support the convergence of eBooks and learning, have empowered our vision to spread knowledge through technology. This year our main focus was on product development lifecycle that spans content engineering to content delivery technologies to SEO. Our Founder and CEO Mr. Sameer Shariff also delivered a keynote address on “From eBooks to Smart Adaptive Content: The Story So Far”.

Impelsys’ had all 3 enriching days filled with demonstrations and meetings of our products and offerings to the publishing world. It was really encouraging to come across many publishers who were keen on engaging with digital technology in order to improve reader/member engagement, and deliver better content seamlessly through multiple delivery platforms,

It was also great to meet our key clients, share some insights, exchange ideas and discuss the emerging trends in the publishing world. All in all, London Book Fair 2015 was a holistic experience where we could interact with our peers and technology partners, and gain more insights with publishers.

Being a platform-driven services and solutions company we offer flexible business models to publishers and organizations and are equipped with the right tools, experience and innovation that will help interact to a wider market in the field of content and education. We look forward to working more with our existing publishers and increasing our footprint with new customers during 2015.