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Smarter Content Solutions

Digital content is driving an evolution in learning and communication. The access to content has become much simpler and better whether it is free or paid for. But how do we make it relevant to every individual? Today, it’s just not about delivering content, it’s about putting content in context and having the ability to support personalization based on an individual’s real-time learning needs. A thorough understanding of educational content is now become central to the approach of ‘Smart Learning’. Smart educational content enhances the learning experience of learners.

Electronic publishing is moving to knowledge management and smart content creation. At Impelsys, educational content is made Smarter by making it more ‘Structurally and Semantically’ rich and ‘Adaptive and Dynamically’ available. This enables our eLearning solutions to traverse into an on-demand framework tailored to individual needs of each learner. It also allows the learning system to fine tune learning experiences to not only ensure that a learner would be able to complete the course, but also improve his/her learning outcomes.

Automatic adaptation of content based on context depends on the usage of semantics. Semantics provide a framework for conveying the context of information, so that it is understandable by humans and machines. Understanding what works, for which learner, at what time, in what context and tailoring the learning material according to their learning ability is all about adaptive learning. Tracking learners’ study behavior will help give the learner’s personalized recommendations. Adaptive learning is important because it enables learners to create learner-centric learning environments.

A ‘Semantically Enriched Adaptive Learning’ will attempt to reduce the cognitive load on the learner during their learning process. At Impelsys Learning Content is made Smarter and hence makes Learning Easy, Efficient & Effective. We are into making the future of publishing more learner, context and knowledge-centric.