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Pinteresting, that!

Social media is the global local market. It is a revolution that has directly (and positively) affected individuals, brands and causes across the world. Who could foresee a decade ago that social platforms will one day be a critical part of marketing plans? And clearly, the publishing industry is not far behind with the concept of ‘communities’ now becoming digital.

The Publisher Marketing team at Impelsys works with publishers to promote (aggregate sales) of their eBooks. The team is always on its toes when it comes to adopting social technology to promote content of our publisher partners. This design has evolved over the years and now we are leading the eBook retail space.

The team has been working with publishers to understand their business, readers and sales cycles better, to identify lucrative marketing opportunities. The idea is to enable the Trade, K-12, Societies and Associations, Scientific, Technical and Medical publishers promote and deliver their content through viral marketing.

The most recent social platform that is witness early adoption is, Pinterest. Retailers are using their pinboards to drive traffic, others are using it to drive higher revenues per click, marketers are using it to create buzz for their new launches and lastly publishers are seeing it drive eyeballs. The Publisher Marketing team at Impelsys has engaged themselves in promoting publisher eBooks on Pinterest. You “pin” images of a particular title and share them with fellow Pinterest members. They in turn can “repin” those images and share them based on tier interest. Based on the fundamental human pattern of like and share, Pinterest provides discoverability on particular interests that you are looking for.

The team has been successfully leveraged Pinterest and have helped some of our publisher partners increase their eBook sales exponentially. These eBooks are hosted on eBookstores that are built on the iPublishCentral platform.

Large societies like Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, American Academy of Pediatrics have been able to capture the attention of masses on Pinterest which has boosted their eBook sales and increased traction to their respective portals.

What is the reason for the traction? The whole effort of searching content or a title drills down to finding them on your space of interest at Pinterest rather than just forming social connections from other traditional social site channels.

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