Courseware Development


Courseware development has come a long way from simple PDF downloads and static quizzes to today’s adaptive learning geared towards measurable learning outcomes. We have helped education providers transform their traditional courseware development practices to an agile, SME-driven practice. We supplement it with richer and interactive content, instructional design and built-in adaptive engine that dynamically chart a learning path specific to learner’s skill levels. Our experience, spanning over a decade of working with some of the biggest STM publishers and educators has helped us develop a pool of subject matter experts (SMEs), instructional designers and cognitive scientists who are proficient in understanding your learning solution needs.


Right from stepping into the shoes of a student to collaborating with the instructors, we build courseware material that keep students engaged and make subsequent student-instructor interactions more productive. Whether it is prepping up students before a topic is taught or teaching the topic entirely, we build courseware that adapt to each of these needs. We work alongside your experts to create story-boards, develop lesson plans, decide on content enrichment, build assessments and to create remedial learning material as part of the adaptive courseware roadmap. We build courseware in a variety of formats – HTMLs, SCORM and custom course cartridges to suit your LMS requirements.