iPublishCentral Platforms


The World’s Most Comprehensive Read to Learn Platform

Our flagship product, iPublishCentral, is a powerful SaaS platform that offers a quick-to-build, road tested solution to content creators which allows them to offer their digital content online for sales and delivery to B2B and B2C consumers. The all new iPublishCentral now brings to you a sophisticated eBook delivery platform in iPublishCentral Ebooks, complex content delivery through iPublishCentral Enhanced and advanced learning solutions with integrated analytics through iPublishCentral Learn making iPublishCentral the World’s Most Comprehensive Read-to-Learn Platform.

iPublishCentral Ebooks


eBook delivery platform

A state-of-the-art eBook delivery platform that is quick-to-build, adaptable to support multiple business models and provides rich data analytics that lends valuable insights into consumer reading and learning patterns.

iPublishCentral Scholar

iPublishCentral Scholar

One Platform for all your Scholarly Products

iPublishCentral Scholar allows you to integrate and securely deliver all your scholarly content and online courseware to researchers, professionals and students directly through your own branded portal.

iPublishCentral Learn


Online learning platform

A robust online learning platform that facilitates dissemination of complex educational content supported by rich data analytics, real-time feedback increasing the effectiveness of learning modules.