5 Factors to Consider when Choosing The eLearning Technology Partner for Your Organization


Strategic outsourcing of specialized learning solutions and services such as cognitive learning and courseware development technologies are common across various business verticals. When organizations are seeking partners to develop their learning technology solutions, it is important to rethink strategies. It is essential to exercise extreme caution and undertake due diligence when outsourcing adaptive or personalized learning solutions. The search for the appropriate vendor to partner with entails more than just examining working models and balance sheets.

Consider these five aspects when you choose an outsourcing partner for your organization.

5 Factors to Consider when Choosing The eLearning Technology Partner for Your Organization


  • Knowledge of collaborative, eLearning authoring and module mapping tools
  • Expertise in adaptive learning platforms, instructional design, visual design, testing expertise and storyboarding
  • Robust content delivery solutions



  • Experience in designing adaptive learning solutions
  • Evaluate background in learning and training
  • Examine sample work, client testimonials, references, and organizational profile



  • Processes and management methodologies
  • Well-entrenched project management policies
  • Requisite mechanisms and a trained team



  • Evaluate demos and work samples
  • Study partner’s quality assurance systems
  • Ensure conformity to established rules
  • Use of licensed copies of tools and technologies



  • Collaborate with “right-sized” partners
  • Corroborate partner’s ability to increase and decrease team sizes depending on the project demands
  • Economies of scale — ability to have the right person at the right place

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