How xAPI Can Advance Your Association’s Learning Program


Learning & Course Development Are Top of Mind for Associations

Learning and course development are at the forefront of a membership association’s value proposition. Whether for professional and continuing education, credentialing or certification, or general skills and behaviors, members expect integrated, engaging, and personalized learning experiences. In fact, according to Marketing General’s 2021 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report, continuing education and professional certification ranked number two among the top three reasons why members join associations. Networking came in at number one, with accessing specialized or current information coming in at number three.

Learning & Course Development Are Top of Mind for Associations

xAPI Captures Critical Learning Data

xAPI, or the “Experience” API, specification is a new learning technology protocol that extends SCORM’s (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) primary objective and allows you to collect rich data about a person’s diverse set of experiences- both online and offline. xAPI gathers information about a person’s or group’s actions uniformly across different learning experiences and applications (not just from learning that takes place on your LMS). This informs and empowers learning and membership managers with new metrics, allowing them to track and create new educational offerings for their members.

Launched in 2013 to address SCORM’s multiple tracking and mobile device compatibility issues, xAPI is simple and extensible. It eliminates many previous limitations and can now recognize and provide analytics on mobile learning, simulations, virtual worlds, serious games, real-world activities, experiential learning, social learning, offline learning, collaborative learning, and more!
So, how can xAPI take your association’s learning and course development to another level, providing a more personalized and engaging member experience? Can it increase your competitive advantage?

Benefits of xAPI

  1. Versatile: xAPI tracks learner interactions whenever and wherever they happen, whereas SCORM can only track learning that takes place on your Learning Management System (LMS).
  2. Data-Collection: xAPI collects significantly more data about your learners’’ interactions and performance, but SCORM can only track fundamental outcomes like course completions, time spent in courses, and quiz scores.
  3. Personalization: xAPI provides a truly personalized experience based on data collected during the learning journey.
  4. Member Learning Record: xAPI tracks nearly any type of learning activity, including face-to-face training, team activities, webinars, podcasts, mentoring and coaching sessions, as well as short courses and micro credentials from multiple sources, and not just learning that takes place within your LMS.
  5. Seamless Integration: xAPI easily integrates with most of today’s modern and robust Learning Management Systems.
  6. Highly Efficient: xAPI simply works better for most learners. Studies show that the majority of users prefer xAPI because it is less vulnerable to glitches, downtime, etc., whereas associations who still use SCORM experience challenges with obsolete browsers and authoring tools.
  7. Enhanced Tracking: One of the most appealing features of xAPI is its broad range of learning opportunities. xAPI is better suited to today’s environment, characterized as “learning happens everywhere,” than SCORM.
  8. Richer data: xAPI technical structure enables it to comprehend and express richer analytics in a more robust manner than SCORM. xAPI is a newer standard that integrates the technology that learners are likely to use. A growing number of learners exclusively use mobile devices to access course materials, and this data cannot be collected with SCORM.
  9. Progressive: xAPI is a continuous development process that is being adopted by the learning industry. Choosing xAPI benefits both trade and professional associations in future-proofing eLearning content as it evolves and changes.
  10. More Time & Bandwidth: xAPI provides associations more time to focus on new social and mobile technologies by removing the limitations of traditional eLearning standards and technology.

Partner with Impelsys to Offer an Enhanced Learning Experience for Your Members

Impelsys has proven expertise in developing best-in-class learning content solutions and a strong team of instructional designers, developers, and business analysts. We offer feature-rich SCORM and xAPI framework development for your digital content, and we specialize in the xAPI LRS (Learning Record Store) implementation and reporting dashboards.

We design and develop customized learner-centric content using strong models. Further, we offer content management solutions for question authoring/item writing across multiple domains, including writing higher-order questions for formative and summative requirements.

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