Testing Automation for Driving Faster Go-To-Market (GTM)


Do your products and applications have longer testing & release cycles? Do you spend a lot of effort on testing for regression defects? Chances are that you haven’t taken full advantage of testing automation that is very much needed today when new features releases and hotfixes are part of your day-to-day operations.

Automating Quality Testing

In today’s competitive digital world, businesses and their customers need to deliver uncompromised quality on their products and applications.  Hence, complete automation of the testing process offers a competitive advantage of faster product release cycles and improved Defect Removal Efficiency.

Why QA automation is the “in” thing?

  • QA automation is one of the key tools that have helped businesses to get their products to market faster, with fewer bugs and less downtime.
  • The main benefit that QA automation offers is speed. Manual testing is slow and tedious, however, with QA automation, testing can take place more frequently, making it easier to uncover issues and fixing the bugs in much less time.
  • QA Automation if brought under a delivery pipeline enables seamless releases and can adapt to the needs of the release cycle appropriately.
  • Incorporating automated testing into your development plan from the start can help your team anticipate problems and allows organizations to record tests that locate a bug, and re-run the same test with each change to the application to ensure that the application or product does not have any problems before releasing it to the market.

Currently, businesses and their customers are looking for the following immediate benefits.

  • Increased efficiency of their businesses through automation – Impelsys QA provides automated real-time reporting and trend analysis to help strategize automation and enhance efficiency.
  • Cost optimization and speed to market – Impelsys QA helps in maintaining managed test environments and utilizes adaptive testing frameworks to make automated test case implementation easy while reducing the overall costs of the product drastically.
  • Increased availability and enhanced customer experience – Impelsys QA implements a test process that helps to avoid failures which can enable organizations to save on costly repair and maintenance work for future application development.
  • Increased safety level of the application – Impelsys QA conducts a series of safety and performance tests that can prevent data leaks and increase security against hacking attacks.
  • Enhanced user experience – Businesses must create an optimized interface for applications that enhance the quality of the user’s experience in a meaningful and valuable way.
  • Ensure long-term profit – By investing in Impelsys QA, organizations can build their business based on quality and trust. Through early error detection, businesses benefit from quality releases of their products and applications.

QA Automation at Impelsys:

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance provides a set of standards required that the product should meet before it goes out to the customers. Impelsys QA Teams play a vital role in accomplishing the demands and expectations of the clients. To achieve customer delight, their product/application must exceed their expectations and their product to market should be a delight to use for their end-users.

QA teams work towards developing the business requirements and validates the end-product ensuring its conformance to the client’s demands. QA teams ensure the product developed is world-class and it is “fit for purpose”.

QA Automation

QA automation at Impelsys is carried out through various automated testing tools to run tests on the products or applications being developed. Rigorous testing helps to detect security vulnerabilities before the product reaches the market. Automation has helped in handling many of the time-consuming tasks that were earlier taking a much longer time.

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Processes & Methodologies

Extensive experience in Agile Methodologies, and TDD and BDD practices being managed end to end out of JIRA — Confluence — Zephyr/ Xray

Delivery Models

  • Managed services model
  • Flexibility to choose from varied other models like TaaS, Testing CoE, Managed Capacity

Impelsys Testing Capabilities

  • Cloud Testing
  • Application Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Unit Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Accessibility testing