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ePub3 – Software masquerading as books

The world of publishing is evolving at a rapid pace. Traditional forms are combining with the latest innovative forms to create multi-channel content in order to meet the ever-changing demands of the readers. There has been a phenomenal growth in digital publishing in the last two years. The digital revolution has made the availability of content to much more number of readers as compared to the print books.

Amidst of the eBook revolution, ePub came across as one of the most popular and promising web standard for the publishing sector. ePub3, which is the latest format, has created exciting new opportunities for publishers to offer rich, enhanced and interactive content to the readers. The ePub3 specification includes multiple new features that enable publishers to produce and distribute content with much enhanced accessibility and usability. Thus, with the help of this format, publishers can now reach a wider audience.

The ePub3 with HTML5 support provides rich media experience & interactivity, layout enhancements, global language support and accessibility improvements. So with the help of ePub3, we will now get to see many interactive and enhanced features like video & audio embedding, metadata, linking, navigation, multimedia, font, scripting, text to speech, dynamic layouts, etc., in an eBook. ePub3 will enable a wider range in publishing creativity for – seamless delivery of content across multiple devices, improved flexibility for specialized content and complex layouts and a richer, enhanced reading experience at an affordable price.

There has been a lot of buzz about ePub3 for the last one year. But how to go about including ePub3 features in eBooks is the key question for many of the publishers. We at iPublishCentral have always been attentive to the growing needs of publishers. iPublishCentral is all ready to help publishers deliver rich, interactive learning experiences with the exciting new format – ePub3. There has been much progress in the adoption of eBooks landscape in the last few months. We hope that the upcoming months will see a widespread adoption of the ePub3 format by the publishing industry.

For more details on how we can help you deliver enhanced and interactive eBooks in ePub3, please write to us at marketing at ipublishcentral dot com.