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6 Great Qualities of an Extraordinary Content Services Provider

The digital revolution in publishing is primarily led by content and mobility. Content continues to be king and is one of the biggest influencers in digital strategies across publishing houses. Leveraging technology to create valuable content that is effortlessly viewed and impactfully consumed is a growing focus area across the board.

Over the years, we have made a science out of content transformation, with a dedicated R&D team focusing on automation to help convert content from one format to the other through automation. Our content engineers deploy an efficient process that results in high-quality output, ready to be deployed or delivered by the publishers.

We understand the deep-rooted concerns about content consumption because for a publisher, it is putting their core asset at stake. We know how important security of their content is and just how significant its quality delivery is to you. Through years of working in the industry with leading publishers around the globe, we have identified key characteristics of a content services provider that differentiates an ordinary one from an extraordinary one. It all sums up to these 6 qualities:

  1. Secure content repository & controlled access to content
  2. Rich coding and transformation experience
  3. Smart tools and intelligent automation systems
  4. Stringent quality processes
  5. Seamless conversion workflows
  6. Timely and responsive engagements

Impelsys helps create digital products for STM, academic, legal, trade, children’s publishers by transforming content in any in-house format into ready-to-deploy products like eBooks, interactive eBooks, talking eBooks, ancillaries, simulations and more.

**Impelsys is a provider of operational efficiency solutions that drive significant operational improvements that bring down costs, add value and help create great digital products, globally. Tell us about your content-related concerns and we can surely try and help you make the right decision.