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Content & Learning Solutions: The Fusion Ahead

With the publishing industry gearing up to match the scorching pace of innovations in technology, it is essential for the publishers to pause and plan out their strategy to stay relevant in the foreseeable future. When it comes to educational and professional content, the expectations of the consumers have changed drastically over the last decade. The always-connected, mobile-toting consumer with a limited attention span would need engaging content delivered through an all-encompassing solution. The content, if you can still call it that, is not just the text from the book, but would include ancillary content, videos, interactive exercises and assessments, all integrated into a single cohesive product.

A number of technology companies have forayed into the development of solutions that allow publishers to offer this enhanced content. Some solutions support deliveries to desktops while others offer mobile support, some offer access to retail consumers while others offer access to institutional markets, some offer enriched HTML-based content while others offer ePub content linking out to the ancillary content hosted externally.

We, at Impelsys, have been building content delivery solutions that support enhanced content, delivered to desktops and devices, to retail customers and institutional patrons. Our solutions are converging to offer a unified reading and learning experience, utilizing the advantages of our SaaS platform iPublishCentral while retaining the flexibility and scalability of our custom solution KnowledgePlatform. Simple books come alive with enhanced, interactive components like quizzes, image galleries, embedded videos, animations and simulations. These modern-day eBooks are courseware by themselves, providing consumers with a single resource for reading, learning and assessments.

Are all publishers prepared to meet these emerging consumer demands? The technology is available; it’s just a matter of defining strategies and implementing the strategies with determination and vigor. At the pace the technology evolves, one can either progress or get left behind; there is no standing room.