How to create engaging content to build a loyal reader base


If generating traffic to your website is a demanding task, then you can imagine how daunting winning the loyalty of your audience will be. Creating engaging content is half job done when it comes to earning readers’ loyalty. Here are three major tips to help build a loyal reader base:

  1. Authoritative content: Trust is the most important factor determining loyalty according to Outbrain, an advertising-focused content discovery platform that helps Internet publishers increase web traffic. So in order to build loyalty, you will have to build trust first. Building trust is easy as long as you only create content which is authoritative. Therefore, always spend enough time researching and refer only to sources that provide authentic and authoritative content to earn the trust of your readers.

  2. Personalized content: Personalized content is always more engaging because the reader can easily connect with such content. Without building a personal connection, it is seldom possible to generate and maintain loyalty. Hence, start with an audience analysis. Then try to understand the needs and problems of you audience and tailor your content accordingly. Whenever possible make your content speak to your audience at a personal level. This means you will have to rely less on automated messages.

  3. Content engagement over exposure: Many make the mistake of generating solely SEO content which is stuffed with keywords that result in an increase in organic search traffic. The problem with such an approach is that even though the website traffic experiences a boost, visitor engagement and trust is compromised which means loyalty is compromised too.

If you want to win the loyalty of your audience, irrefutably you will have to create engaging content and keep in mind the aforementioned guidelines to simplify your task. However, content is not the end of the road. You can experiment on tactics like encouraging followers to discuss and use your product or service publicly so that your loyal reader base keeps growing in size. Finally, always pay attention to your feedback system. It is never advisable to ignore negative feedback. Identifying and responding to negative feedback will clarify misconceptions and work towards building more trust and consequently loyalty.