eBook Marketing – A Consolidated Strategy


Technology has enabled many of us to become a writer and publisher. With an idea in our head and with the help of tools available on the internet we can write and design an ebook successfully. The ebook will look and read good and all, but the bigger challenge is to get it to the people who would read it. The reason is because technology has enabled many of us to become a writer and publisher. You might have created an appealing ebook with substance, however unless you constantly boost its visibility the product will get buried under the heap of similar ones. So what do we include in our ebook marketing strategy and increase its visibility and appeal?

An ebook by itself is less likely to be visible to the potential buyers. You need to create a support content that floats around the web which leads buyers to your book. This is a multi pronged approach using different channels, like emails, blogs, social media and guest writing in relevant websites.

Write and Promote Relevant Blogs

Write blogs relevant to the subject of your book, if your book is about your passion for astronomy and your experience which also gives valuable knowledge and tips to aspiring astronomers, write a blog on the subject or about some recent astronomical event or NASA’s secret space missions, and make a subtle and alluring mention of your ebook, insert a link to the download page. A smart way to find the trending phrases on the subject is to google them, insert these phrases in your blog – that’s keyword optimization for the blog to increase its visibility. Let your download page have an even more tempting description of your ebook which leads buyers to believe that your product is worth the money.

Use Social Media

Social media is where people communicate more than in person these days, create a chatter about your ebook on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and other platforms. Create a Facebook page with the story of your ebook and a beautiful cover, Facebook allows to promote your pages to relevant demographics. Make it easier for potential buyers by creating a buy now tab which directs them to download page. Giveaways are attractive, give free books for liking and sharing your blog and social media posts. Give discounted prices for recommendations and give countdown deals with the price starting from 0 dollars at zero seconds and rising every hour.

Ask Favor With an Influencer

Influencer marketing is recommendation (or at least talking about it in a positive light) of your product by a key personality – with a strong online following – in the industry to your target audience. It can be paid or free depending on how important your ebook the Influencer considers. This is an effective way of getting your word to the public, try to get in touch with someone important and ask favor.

Be a Guest With a Motive

Write guest posts in relevant websites, where people come and believe that the content found in it is genuine and authoritative, drop a link to your sales page. This method has been proven to have big impact on ebook sales, it leverages the trust of the website’s followers in its authentic content.

The Landing Page

Your landing page needs to be equally attractive and easy to navigate, place the download link in more than one place but not too many, the headline must grab the attention. A flashy design could lead to surfer’s exhaustion, let them believe it’s not a junk and you are a serious guy. It’s not easy to get people to buy your product where too many others are attempting the same, your ebook has to be exclusive and valuable and you should sound like someone real and reliable.

Smart Retailing

If your ebook is retailed in Amazon or iBooks they provide with marketing guidelines and tips, follow all of them and leave no stone unturned, most of them don’t cost anything but time. Goodreads Author Program lets you create an author profile and promote your book there, also lets you interact with readers, it also lets you connect your blogs and run a giveaway. Reviews are helpful for people to get to know your book, ask a well known book reviewer to review your book. Give free copies to people and ask them to write reviews in Amazon and Goodreads.

Don’t Shy Away From Events

A good book should stand out by itself but it’s our job to get a required momentum for the book to get there. Once it gains the traction you don’t need to watch it constantly and can focus on the next project. But meanwhile, to get it atop the hill there’s plenty of things that can be done. An inspiring writer should also attend book shows and not shy away from attending events related to online marketing, the exposure and experience is priceless. Marketing is a multi pronged approach, with all the efforts combined success is not a far fetched dream.