Keeping Pace With A Rapidly Changing Digital Landscape


Barely six months into the new decade and we have already seen mammoth changes with many small and large businesses making digital transformation their priority. Just a while ago, having a digital portal was one of the USPs of a business, however, today a digital portal is a necessity to stay in the game. The COVID-19 pandemic is a definite factor in speeding up this transformation across enterprises. In fact, with the number of infections rising, healthcare systems are being overburdened and schools may not reopen in full capacity any time soon driving these sectors to fasten their digital transformation process. The sheer pace at which the transformation is taking place across the globe stands testament to the fact that digital landscape is going to take on a whole new meaning during this decade. We at Impelsys believe there are a few general tips and tricks that will help businesses in any industry stay abreast with these changes.

Keeping up with the shifts in your own industry, is the best place to start your vigil. Be very receptive to sales calls and emails that talk about a new tool, feature or product that your business could benefit from. These are the people who will tell you about a new way in which you can leverage the digital sphere. Listen to them and gauge if their product could help you. If nothing, you can benefit from a new and different perspective about your operations.

Once you have armed yourself with information about changes in the industry, evaluate the future of your business and revisit the objectives you have set for the same. You can then decide which one of the latest digital trends and tools can help you achieve your objectives and put you in perfect alignment with your plan.

Reach out to your customers and see how you can tailor make your services to help them leverage the changing digital landscape. Analyse and understand how they are using your products and adopt a proactive strategy to either fix any flaws or to quickly implement a suggested improvement. Keep an eye on latest surveys and research studies in your industry and plan your business strategy keeping these survey results in mind.

Build a strong and trusted community of loyalists who use your products or can benefit from them. Trust your metrics to guide you in every aspect; be it social media, email campaigns, product communication or customer satisfaction. Also, be aware of which one of the metrics you employ is an accurate measurement of your business goals. For example, likes on social media posts are no more a landmark metric, it has evolved and now comments, shares and download frequencies are relatively better metrics.

Do not be afraid to experiment and fumble with new methods. The learnings you may gain from a trial-error attempt can be far greater and more beneficial than adopting a tried and tested method that worked for another business. Consider testing out bold strategies that will help you harness the benefits of a new digital development and rest assured that, at the very least, it will help you gain enormous exposure to new insights.

Many businesses have had to completely wrap up their operations either due to an inability to adopt a digital strategy quickly enough or due to botched digital adaptation, causing their competitor to edge them out with their strong digital offerings. Digital transformation is an ever-changing game that does not have an end, instead, it only evolves to become bigger, better and edgier. Recognise this, and it will most certainly help in insulating your business from the perils of operational disruptions like the one we are undergoing currently due to the pandemic.

– TV Vinod Kumar, COO, Impelsys