Why Digital Publishing Is Gaining Popularity


Digital publishing or ePublishing has taken the publishing world by storm. Statistics show that nearly 50% of all newspaper and magazine circulation today takes place by digital means.  eBooks too have been well received by the modern reader. And tablets, eReaders and smartphones are to be thanked for this development.

Here are 5 reasons why digital publishing is gaining popularity among publishers.

  • Digital publishing is cost-effective

Paper-less publishing reduces printing, distribution, marketing and inventory costs.  It even reduces environmental impact. However, every step in print publishing lifecycle, such as cutting trees to manufacture paper, setting up paper copier, printer, manufacturing units, and distributing via various channels, disposal of waste paper and ink and emission from paper mills negatively impact the environment.

  • Digital publishing generates more income

Digital media is a strong business-building tool. Placing advertisements in an eBook can help further business interests and generate income. Furthermore, with readers going digital it’s easier to connect with the target audience and offer them relevant offers, thereby, increasing sales.

  • Digital publishing is less time consuming

Print publishing is a lengthy process. It involves lesser time. Distribution time too is greatly reduced. Further, readers who enjoy digital content can share it in seconds via social media like Facebook, Twitter and other platforms.

  • Digital content is accessible to all

Digital publishing platform enables reaching out to readers in any corner of the world through digital media. Readers can access the most up-to-date copy easily through a smartphone, tablet, or eReader. Multiple users can access the same e-content simultaneously.

  • Digital content offers instant connection with readers

Besides text, eBooks contain illustrations, audio and video elements, live links to related content and interactive elements that encourage reader engagement. It helps offer readers a personalized reading experience.

It is here to stay. Jump onto the digital publishing bandwagon and reap its benefits.

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