Enhance Employee Onboarding with Interactive Training Videos


Employee onboarding programs have become an integral part of corporate culture, and these programs typically include a host of activities, from new skills training to corporate communications including the typical welcome messages from executives, and informal team-building exercises. Onboarding programs help new hires to integrate themselves into the technical and cultural fabric of an organization. An effective onboarding program helps new hires feel more valued, and creates for them – a positive impression of the company, develops in them – a keen understanding of their roles, and helps them to learn the tools, technologies, behaviors, and attitudes that would help them to be productive on their jobs.

Successful onboarding also has a positive effect on employer branding and hence while planning and implementing a cohesive onboarding process, it is important that HR professionals should engage with all key stakeholders to ensure that the new hire onboarding experience is well designed and implemented.

It is beneficial for the companies to make the onboarding training more dynamic and engaging by making more creative and interesting training content. More organizations are beginning to adopt interactive videos and content for training and onboarding employees as it makes the training more interesting, allows for immediate feedback, and also contributes to improving the organization’s efficiency.

The Perfect Fit For Onboarding: Video Training

The method of storytelling through video is a powerful tool when used at each stage of onboarding as it makes learning engaging. Curating content that’s understandable and captivating, new employees become prepared and excited for their work and as well, helps in retaining information better.

During the onboarding program, video messages could include – welcome messages from the CEO, stories of the origin and evolution of the organization and its culture. Such video content is a great mechanism for new hires to internalize content in a memorable and informative experience.

Benefits of Video-Based Onboarding Training:

Video-based learning is ideal for onboarding as this medium captures the attention of new hires, preventing them from getting distracted or bored. Here’s how videos can facilitate a stronger, authentic connection between the new hires and the organization:

Efficient Delivery: Video delivery is an efficient process; employees can watch their onboarding videos, take notes and get their information immediately, and can be delivered quickly and easily.

Information on Demand: Organizations can start creating and accumulating large libraries of onboarding videos. Providing new hires with access to a secure, comprehensive and easy-to-search video repository empowers them to quickly find and view exactly what they need and when they need it.

Ensures Consistency: Video is ideal for content that must be delivered in the same format every time and everywhere. Video guarantees the correct tone, ensures the specific language, and maintains a high-quality messaging standard that helps companies consistently to run onboarding programs for new employees even at the remotest of locations.

Increase Engagement: An interactive video about the company can help new hires learn about its culture. The fact that video can capture nuances in staff culture and practices that help a new hire get up to speed with the way things are done at their new organization thereby promoting company values, not just training goals.

Reduce Training Costs: Using videos not only helps to retain the knowledge gained during the training but it also reduces its costs. A lot of training budgets for companies are allocated to traveling costs for trainers, and removing senior employees from their core responsibilities will cost time and money. Replacing the in-person program with recorded videos keeps costs low without compromising quality.

In Conclusion

With video, the possibilities for creating reactive and interactive training resources are countless.

Across the world, companies explore innovative ways to connect with their new hires and make them engaged and motivated employees. Using interactive onboarding tools such as video, results in a higher engagement rate than traditional training methods as it can be accessed whenever and wherever it is needed which makes it a vital part of any work-based training program.

Producing a successful onboarding experience with videos establishes a welcoming atmosphere that encourages employee morale, low turnover, and high productivity.

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