Impact of Immersive Learning Technologies on Learners


Where digitalization and technology continue to impact our everyday lives, immersive learning helps learners to absorb the content in a whole new way and as well as boost learning engagement.

Immersive learning provides learners an environment that is highly interactive both virtually and physically to teach skills using real life situations and experiences in a safe and controlled virtual environment. In this era of distraction, immersive learning — that includes scenarios — overcomes the engagement challenges of traditional pedagogies.

What is Immersive learning?

It is a process of learning that puts learners into an interactive learning environment, enabling them to fully get immersed, and experience a real learning environment.

Immersive learning or artificial environment to mimic real-life experiences, and immerse learners completely, for them to develop a better understanding of the topic. It leverages some form of technology such as mixed reality, artificial intelligence, 3D learning, virtual reality, extended reality XR, augmented reality, and 360-degree videos through which the process of teaching-learning takes place, to make it easier for learners to understand the topics.

Types of Immersive Learning Technologies

The technologies used for immersive learning are as below:

  • 3D Immersive LearningHere, 3D computer-generated simulations are used to facilitate learning. This approach promotes in-depth learning by providing a realistic digital learning experience through 3D visualizations and simulations that the learners can safely view on their computer/mobile screen.
  • Virtual Reality – This technology uses digital simulations based on real-life scenarios where the users are immersed and able to interact within an artificial three-dimensional environment.
  • Augmented Reality – Augmented Reality technology is used to enhance the real-world view via the use of computer-generated perceptual information. This adds digital sensory elements to a real-life environment, to enhance the learning experience.
  • Mixed Reality – This technique combines the elements of both virtual and augmented reality to make virtual interactions look more realistic where both digital and physical objects co-exist and interact simultaneously.

Benefits of Immersive Learning

Some of the benefits  are:

  • Focused Immersion – By creating an artificial environment and immersing the learner in the learning process with the help of this technologies, the learner becomes fully connected and engaged in the process. Experts believe that such stimulating visuals facilitate the learners to develop a better understanding of what is being taught.
  • Personalized Learning – Through a digital immersive learning environment, learners can learn at his/her own pace. Using simulations, learners can continue to perform various experiments and practice skills until they have mastered topics without stepping out of the learning environment. Such learning experiences and realistic simulations keep the user engaged and interested in the process.
  • Flexibility in Time & Location – Since it is delivered digitally, and accessible on a remote platform, it helps by enabling learners to explore environments that would have previously been out of reach. Thus, allowing the learners the chance to practice interactions and skills anytime and from any location.
  • Improves Memory Retention – The concept of this is designed keeping in mind the work context for learners. In such scenarios, learners normally get engrossed in learning and have a better understanding and retention of concepts and skills.
  • Boost Learning Desire and Engagement – Immersive learning holds a realistic and engaging nature of the environment which not only increases learner engagement but also enables learners to assimilate complex topics more effectively.

As the future of learning evolves, immersive learning can be leveraged to create an engaging and personalized environment thereby creating a much more inclusive learning experience in the process.

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