Enhancing Enterprise Learning Through Technology


Any enterprise that keeps farsighted approach in employee management and productivity will attach great importance to employee onboarding, training and continuous skill development. Companies are made of employees, a company’s performance is directly correlated to the productivity and efficiency of each employee while employee turnover is an unbearable setback to an organization, and so is non-performance.  Hence it is fundamental for a successful organization to maintain systematic and continuing training on new skill sets and compliance, along with communication of its long term agenda and commitment towards employees, starting from day one.

While employee learning is crucial to any organization, thoughtful implementation of technology can make the management of learning and knowledge resources within an organization stress free and streamlined. A growing section of organisations are leveraging on resource management and online learning technologies to impart employee learning inculcating fun, engagement and  interactivity. This results in immersive and highly efficient learning that also eliminates the monotony of traditional classroom training, lets the employees learn in their own pace and help retain the information for long.

Digital technology has helped reinvent learning, the principles of academic e-learning can be applied in employee learning. Implementation of technology elevates learning in two ways: Firstly, the learning does not only consist of content which needs to be memorized and understood, the learning becomes alive with inclusion of fun and interactivity. Secondly, learning becomes personal and collaborative at the same time. A learning platform that imparts consistent experience across devices like laptops and smartphones lets users access the lessons anywhere and anytime; learning is not confined to training rooms. The bite sized modules of tutorials rendered on the phone app of the platform help in on-time consumption of information.

Interactive learning helps corporate training in multiple ways. The traditional training rooms where the training consists of presentation of lackluster slides and monotonous lecture fails to motivate new hires to learn. A college fresher who has spent most of his recent time in video games and internet would be motivated to learn in an interactive environment where tutorials consist of engaging elements like videos and game-like animation, rather than boring slides. For a trainee of new skill a simulated environment with graphic representation of tools and processes associated with the new job function would foster deep learning of the new skill. By navigating through the new environment their decision making practice gets reinforced and independent. This amounts to stimulation of thoughts which would be retained and preserved in the mind of the learner as a real life experience.

Interactive learning requires learners to respond to the lessons through questions, this urges them to engage with the learning content. The learner’s response is provided with feedback which helps them assess their current path and take appropriate decisions. The platforms also provide training managers with data on learner performance which can be used to give best advices to the trainees.

Another crucial advantage of migrating online for employee training is information security, since there is no use of printed resources any potential misuse of company information is eliminated. Access management on online learning platforms prohibits any unauthorized access to online resources, duplication and printing of digital content can be prevented with the use of DRM.

Enterprise Knowledge Centre (EKC) is a service from Impelsys which consists of knowledge repository and learning platform (iPublishCentral Scholar) for corporates. EKC helps companies manage their content resources like company documents, training modules, vendor guidelines, policies, financial documents etc. in a secured content repository on the cloud. These content resources can then be accessed in multiple formats on different devices, with specific access controls for different stakeholders. With focus on enabling companies provide interactive and engaging online training to employees, vendors and end users of products, EKC is a comprehensive resource management infrastructure born out of Impelsys decade long experience in content and learning management.