How mobile content and apps aid digital publishing


In the fast evolving publishing world, the argument has moved beyond print vs. digital. Mobile is the new medium to connect with today’s readers. Creating a mobile content strategy is essential to getting your readers to engage with your content. With the rise in smartphone and tablet ownership across the globe, that’s a market you can’t afford to ignore.

Mobile presentation and consumption

The mobile platform is ideal to integrate diverse content from around the web into a single, compelling product. It’s an entirely new medium and it comes with a unique way for people to interact with content. By providing a more familiar and enjoyable reading experience, your readers tend to view more pages, and spend far more time with your content.

A mobile reading experience is much more than simply making your content fit on a smaller screen. The challenge is to present a quick snapshot to the audience, while linking to more depth that they can consume at leisure later.

Using apps for better interface

Taking the user interface in the digital medium to the next level is the creation of apps. An mobile app allows users to read on the go and offers easier ways to interact with the book content. By engaging the reader, the app also serves as a discovery tool for the book. The app works at two levels – it provides the reader with tips on how to act on what they’ve already read and also gives a preview of what’s to come in the next section of the book.

An mobile app also enables the publisher to establish a direct relationship with its readers. By providing tips and techniques, the details of which can only be found in the book itself, the app functions as a book sample.


Designing for the mobile platform can be a win-win for both the publisher as well as the reader. It gives the publisher an opportunity to connect with unknown readers by providing accessible and interactive content. Delivering content adapted for mobile devices both serves your customers and makes sound business sense.