What are readers seeking in their digital reading experience?


A few years ago, readers everywhere predicted the death of reading when it moved digital. They said digital reading would never catch on because it would never ever feel like reading from a book. But with every aspect of our life going digital and our ever increasing dependency on technology and various devices, digital reading seems like a simple extension of our everyday life.

As avid readers what do we look for in our digital reading experience? Modern readers look for a seamless reading experience, consistent and good typography, continuity and emotional connect while reading without too much distraction. The primary focus has to be on the content and the context of the reading material while making it as aesthetically pleasing and interactive as possible. Modern readers love to engage and connect, hence features like taking notes and comments add a lot of value.

User interaction is an integral part of reading, and through our platform iPublishCentral we are constantly trying to provide enhanced advanced search, semantic discovery, bookmark, highlight and share options to improve the reading experience.

Advanced search options helps readers get to most relevant content they are looking for in the fastest time possible as response time is of essence in the reading experience. Bookmark options help readers come back to an article at a later point of time. Highlighting feature is very helpful from a research or learning point of view. And lastly, our online social life is a very crucial part of our lives and sharing photos and videos is very natural to all of us. The share feature on digital articles is a simple extension of this and fits it perfectly with our daily social interactions.

A good reading experience should feel like a natural extension of our mind and feel completely effortless to the user and keep the user glued on.

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