Say Bye to Flash, Switch from Flash to HTML5 Today!


Adobe Flash once held sway over multimedia web platform, thanks to its ability to create a wide range of inter-activities and animations. However, usage of Flash gradually diminished due to the increasing use of authoring tools. This acted as a barrier to keep up with today’s technological advancements.

With phasing out of Flash by the end of 2020 due to multitude of issues that have plagued Flash for years, it’s time to say goodbye. There’s a significant change due to smartphones and tablets taking over our professional environment, HTML5 has successfully succeeded Flash. The issues faced by the user who utilized Adobe Flash was resolved. It is rightfully said that HTML5 is the new Adobe Flash; in fact, it is much more and smartest ones have already started to convert flash courses to html5.

So, let’s wave Adobe Flash goodbye and get ready to convert from Flash to HTML5.

Convert Flash courses to HTML5


Still wondering how it replaces Flash?

It’s the latest development in the open web standards, made way to consider the alternate for Flash Player. It allows creating more powerful and diverse web platforms with sophisticated multimedia and immersive content viewing.

Revolutionized the way HTML content is presented, with its various advanced features as well as the accessibility & versatility assured, HTML5 has become highly stable & dependable alternative for Adobe Flash.

Advantages of HTML5

Advantages of HTML5

Business Benefits of Converting Flash to HTML5?

  • Salvaging Exiting Organizational Investment:

    With effective Flash to HTML5 conversions, most of existing content – SWF videos, element, & website can be fairly converted into an HTML5 equivalent.

  • Beef up Security of :

    A greater risks and potential vulnerabilities is hidden behind Flash’s plugins. However converting from Flash to HTML5 is a win-win strategy for the business and the audience. A better security against data breaches and cyber-attacks is provided with the use of HTML5.

  • Capitalizing the Improved Features:

    Access from multiple devices was provided. Learners got the flexibility of learning from anywhere and anytime. HTML5 flash player enables rich media mobile ads incorporated within the content. In-turn resulting in more qualified leads into the sales funnel.

  • Future-ready Framework:

    HTML5 flash player gave the opportunity to update text, reuse the content, and replace or recreate Flash-based inter-activities.

  • Positive Effect on ROI:

    An user-friendly platform that’s easily accessible and rich in content differentiation boosts user experience, contributing to the growth of traffic and online conversions.

  • Easy content update:

    Unlike flash, HTML5 content can be updated easily for textual or graphic updates. Resolving another long standing issue of having access to source files, specific skill sets etc. that were required for updating flash created content.

With Flash-era coming to an end, converting flash courses to HTML5 has become an inevitable necessity for the businesses worldwide. It’s evident that the switch offers a lot of opportunities – both from technical as well as conceptual point of view. It’s become an opportunity for a general overhaul of existing solutions.

Being agile and adaptive to the latest technology standards is no longer about innovation, it’s about the need of the hour. HTML5 flash player facilitate speed, better accessibility, higher security and various opportunities for innovation. Still continuing with Flash? This is the right time to convert from Flash to HTML5.

It’s your turn now! With the countdown to the end of 2020 ticking, a high time to make a decision!

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