Using Gamification In Your Learning Management Systems


Gamification, a novel method of motivating action, is the use of games or gaming elements in environments that are typically not defined as a game environment. The objective of gamification is to engage audiences and induce a certain behavior such as complete a training module, solve a difficult task or problem, to motivate interaction and so on. It is an engaging way to draw learners into the content being taught and inspires a sense of accomplishment upon performing the expected action. Using gamification integrated Learning Management Systems (LMS) and gamifying your training content can prove to be an extremely resourceful decision for your organization. Some of the benefits of a gamified LMS are elaborated upon below.


The gamified element of learning inspires excitement and cuts out monotony that may otherwise seep in while consuming training content. It makes the learning and training process a fun, creating and engaging one which motivates learners to spend more time completing their training. Integrating gamification in your LMS greatly lowers the load on you to research and implement gamification processes on your own. A well gamified LMS has the potential to transform your employee’s view of training.


A gamified LMS that has a whole range of gamified content resources helps greatly in developing the problem-solving part of the brain. Employees have to use their critical thinking skills and give them practices in creative problem-solving. The unique part about gamification is that it induces excitement while doing so because of the promise of a reward at the end of the exercise. Employees will be more enthused to solve a problem or perform a task if there is an interesting end to the action. Therefore, it encourages learners to apply themselves instead of passively consuming content.


Training, which has been traditionally viewed as an inescapable and boring routine, has now become a fun and engaging part of an employee’s day due to gamification. And simply because employees now look forward to training, they are more willing to participate and are generally more responsive. These factors in turn contribute towards increasing training efficiency as well as maintaining consistency when to attendance and performance. A well-motivated and eager workforce never fails to contribute to bettering business outcomes.


The many advantages that come with a well gamified LMS have a definitive impact in helping the organization achieve its overall goals and objectives. When the training strategy of the organization is created keeping long term business objectives in mind, including gamified training on your LMS helps enormously in speeding up the time taken in achieving the goals. This leads to a significant performance gain for the organization itself.

As businesses slowly begin to concentrate their efforts on recovering from the setbacks caused by the pandemic, they are beginning to see the gaps in their training strategies. And now, businesses are beginning to see that many gaps and inconsistencies can be solved by introducing gamification in the LMS and training content. In fact, gamification can be used for many processes and required to demonstrate a better, more efficient and more consistent way of functioning.

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