Three ways publishers can drive eBook sales


eBook sales can be extremely challenging and publishers are constantly seeking innovative ways to reach out to the readers. They are increasingly utilizing technology and data to enhance customer engagement, and thereby, drive sales.

Let’s take a look at some key methods to boost eBook sales.

Leverage data

Book publishers must capitalize on the available data. Sales data can help publishers decide what kind of eBooks or genre receives the maximum interest from buyers, while data on titles can help them decide the right time to release the next eBook or run promotions. Demographic data further helps target customers with the right eBooks and promotional offers. It is therefore critical to keep data updated. Data also helps gain actionable insights. For instance, data can help deduce if an eBook promotion isn’t working. The publisher can then replace the campaign with a better promotion and consequently avoid a dip in sales.

Create an impactful D2C strategy

 Creating an effective D2C sales strategy offers more control and reduces dependency on other factors. Reduction of variables further reduces the risks involved. Effective D2C selling ensures direct engagement with consumers to understand their expectations, and offers tailored solutions to meet their needs. Selling directly to consumers is crucial to remain competitive in the market. It helps in developing better customer relationships and boosts customer loyalty.

Build a sales funnel

It is imperative to build a sales funnel and ensure repeat customers. A great strategy is to offer tailored content, send freebies and newsletters to engage with customers. Creating exclusive email campaigns can further drive loyalty. The timing, frequency and content of the email can determine whether the customers mark the mails as spam or look forward to it. Hence, it is important to keep it interesting and fresh. Contests and surveys related to the eBook can further enhance customer engagement. A good sales funnel is the one with constant traffic and increased repeat customers.

Publishers can help authors find their readers and drive eBook sales by tapping into the right channels and using the right techniques.

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