Benefits of Virtual Instructor-led Training for Corporate Training


COVID- 19 has altered the working mechanism worldwide. It has necessitated the need for live virtual training given the current remote operations scenario. This new standard has forced most organizations today to increasingly prioritise corporate training and continuous upskilling. As people become increasingly comfortable connecting virtually, organizations are looking for ways to keep their workforce informed, engaged, and highly skilled. That is where Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) comes in – as a solution for remote learning to provide learners with the best possible experience.

What is a Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) program?

VILT is a standard instructor-led training (ILT) class with virtual interactivities delivered in real-time, where the employees can connect remotely via a technology platform. Virtual Instructor-led Training allows the instructor to share information through videos, interactive games, and documents to keep the learners active and engaged during the virtual sessions.

Benefits of Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Learning by Subject Matter Experts:

Virtual Instructor-Led Training allows employees to gain access and learn from experts in the subject matter. It enables the learners to seek clarity regarding unclear topics and get their queries answered by these experts. The learners can raise their questions during the virtual session itself, thereby allowing them to get prompt responses to resolve their doubts.

Remotely Accessible:

VILT training programs can be delivered to anyone, anywhere – and employees can attend the training from their desks or at the comfort of their homes. Training in video-based virtual classroom platform allows for much greater accessibility for all employees. They can access the modules from any place at their convenience with minimal disruption during their working day.

Increase Interactivity:

VILT allows the organizations to formulate interactive activities in their training modules such as case studies, quizzes, problem-solving questions, brainstorming sessions, and practice exercises. It enables the learners to participate in discussions and ask questions, stimulating an interactive environment.

Facilitates Blended Learning:

VILT’s ability to blend different elements of human-centric and technology-based learning, along with interaction and instruction, attributes to the success of VILT as a practical learning tool. It allows the organizations to customize modules and learning methods based on industry trends, how learners react during the training, or according to the company’s individual needs.

Highly Scalable and Productive with Easy Customizations:

The flexibility of VILT enables an organization to adapt training for any number of employees and in multiple languages building an organization-wide universal training tool.

VILT facilitates customizations that allow employees to quickly gain new knowledge and master new processes anywhere at any time.

Instant Feedback and Real-Time Tracking:

VILT enables the learners to track their performance using built-in analytics within tools such as direct questions and engagement techniques. This helps the learners to focus better and work on their improvement areas. A targeted assessment based on robust analytics also allows organizations to set clear criteria to evaluate the employees’ level of knowledge through the learning process.

Supports Different Learning Styles

VILT learning can be used for generic courses and tailored courses. VILT programs offer a fusion of different elements of learning and development tools to enhance the learning experience. From supporting video conferencing functionality to sharing documents and online resources, VILT courses offer a variety of additional tools. It offers features such as:

  • Chat windows and virtual breakout rooms- This allows learners to compare notes and discuss topics within groups.
  • Interactive whiteboards and annotation tools like raising hands- Enables the learners to ask questions or highlight ideas during the virtual class, hence engaging the learners with the topic at hand.
  • Allows learners to download various study aids in multiple formats such as PDFs, Word docs, videos, infographics, whitepapers, and PowerPoint presentations-  Such forms of collateral help learners achieve their learning goals and drive engagement.


VILT combines the power of instructor-led training with the engagement of eLearning. It fosters an enhanced capability to meet one’s needs by offering myriad ways to learn. Virtual instructor-led training provides an opportunity to strategically develop and deliver an innovative and effective training solution that aligns with your organization’s training goals and offers a personalized, streamlined, and effective learning experience.