Role of Flexible Pick and Choose Business Models for Publishers


In an era of business model disruption, perhaps one of the most profound disruptions is the growing demand by publishers for greater flexibility at a time when digital has become more critical than ever.

‘Pick and choose’ business models are not a new concept. But it is now expanding to other industries such as publishing to provide publishers, academics, and corporate institutions with a range of flexible options to meet individual needs and budgets.

Flexible pick and choose business models are framed, keeping in mind the end-users perspective. It starts from desirability – identifying the product features & functionalities that address the customer’s need. A one-size-fits-all product does not apply any longer. Today, the user appreciates that they are charged only according to their usage, which in turn motivates them to use the platform more. Further, the need to manage multiple features can be leveraged by customising the product as per the customer’s need.

‘Pick and Choose’ models offer substantial benefits. These range from predictable and recurring revenue streams to attracting a larger customer pool and higher retention and improved margins for existing customers. Below mentioned are a few benefits that can be leveraged:

  • Role-tailored user experiences create a unique collection from the complete eBook range, thereby enabling the users to assimilate the required journals/articles/eBooks quickly and easily.
  • Facilitates a wide selection of academic e-books from top publishers and presses
  • Facilitates optimised search and reading
  • Offers a variety of multidisciplinary content in specific subject areas with unlimited, single or multi-user access.
  • Provides superior learning and research experience as the relevant content is easily discoverable and accessible to the users.

A Publisher’s ability to constantly analyse, predict, and adapt to changes in consumer tastes, buying trends, and technology successfully will dictate their business’s future. Impelsys helps a publisher be always on top, not only of their business but also of the publishing industry.

To gain an advantage, publishers are stepping up their game in all aspects of the business. Providing a more comprehensive selection of content, creating a seamless customer experience, and offering more value have become predominant in the publisher’s mind when looking for product delivery solutions.

Tailoring Your Own Flexible Business Model

Keeping in mind the need of the academics and professional market, Impelsys challenges the traditional academic publishing model and provides academics with the flexibility to be in complete control of their content. Impelsys allows users with a powerful search technology that quickly surfaces relevant content and provides an intuitive interface to ensure that reading is a pleasant experience. Impelsys’ offerings are unique, providing flexibility and scalability, supporting our partners’ multiple business models while delivering enhanced reading and learning experience for consumers.

Impelsys realises business solutions are not one size fits all, so we work with our clients to handcraft solutions tailored to their specific needs and requirements. Such as:

Creating Demand-Driven Product Collections

We use our state-of-art technology solutions to build products and solutions for our customers that allow them to experiment with various business models related to their digital offerings into their markets. One of the solutions offered by Impelsys enabled the client not only to provide a large selection of resources on the same subject on one platform but also allowed them to create new product collections themselves and make them available to individual and institutional customers for purchase or subscriptions or single vs multiple user licenses with pricing + discounting models.

Subscription-Based Model

At Impelsys, we can help build a custom, easy-to-use paywall system that works for your business. Our solutions enable our clients to create a subscription experience designed for both the user who wants an optimised experience and the publisher who relies on paywall revenue to survive.

We help our clients select the right kind of subscription business model after careful consideration of their content and audience. This allows them to provide their customers with the products, services, and experiences they want, the way they want them.

Add-on features – Driven by Data

We offer unique, custom solutions that provide crucial insights into the metrics through comprehensive analytics that matter most to publishers. We give our clients the ability to understand their audience quickly and so that they can then make important decisions on the fly and can generate engagement on-demand, thereby increasing their readership.

With its new end-to-end online content solutions, Impelsys helps you reach more readers, save time and create content that’s available to anyone, anywhere, at the time they need it most.

– Uday Majithia
Vice President – Solutions and Service Delivery, Impelsys