Leveraging Big Data to deliver real-time insights and enrich eLearning


Constantly evolving end-user expectations have made it imperative for academic publishers to re-look at their content strategy. Today, big data plays a significant role in enabling digital publishing companies to develop relevant content for different audiences. Offering specific insights into their reading and learning behavior and also their needs.

In terms of eLearning, is all the data that is generated by learners while they are taking a course or reading an eBook. For instance, if a student is interacting with a training module centered around cardiovascular surgery, his/her assessment results, progress, social sharing, and other data being produced during the eLearning course is “big data”.

Big data equips decision-makers with first-hand granular level information about learner interactions. This helps them better understand their preferences. Also accurately predict future trends and the necessary course of action.

Here’s how data mining tools enable digital publishers to blend reader insights with their content:

Big data analytics gives digital publishing houses a competitive edge in today’s highly cluttered marketplace. It also helps craft unique content positioning strategies that help digital publishers achieve a higher mindshare and ROI. By deploying cutting edge data analytics tool and applications, digital publishers can uncover insights on numerous characteristics of readers’ engagement with their books and eLearning material. Digital publishers stand to gain a great deal of information considering that tech-savvy book enthusiasts and learners consume and also share content on multiple digital platforms these days.

Innovative data analytics systems can help publishers find, accumulate and mine pertinent data from the vast gamut of available information sources. Sources include social media platforms, competitor websites, Google searches, live video feeds, emails and government archives. In short, big data analytics tool help digital publishers identify the levels of content consumption among readers across the eLearning lifecycle. For instance, Barnes & Noble invested in an enterprise data warehouse. It was to gain complete information of its customers’ reading habits through analysis of in-house data, running into terabytes.

Going with the current trend

It is justified to say that big data will revolutionize the digital publishing industry. It will allow digital publishers to customize reading and also learning experience. Providing readers with more effective, engaging, and informative content.

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