Promoting Your Research Online – The Modern Researcher’s Guide


Recently, Kudos, an award-winning service for maximizing the reach and impact of research publications announced a pilot integration with PaperHive, a co-working hub for researchers. The merger is aimed at creating a platform to help authors track and manage conversations about their research work online.

Research publications are most often key milestones of progress in the career of a researcher. Companies like Kudos and PaperHive have created powerful platforms for publishers to publish their work online and allow access of their work to interested fellow researchers globally. This way, not only does your work get read and discussed by a wider audience, but the online model presents a great opportunity to gain feedback, interact real-time with the readers and collaborate with them.

Choosing the right avenues for distribution is also important to get valuable interest and actionable feedback. Here are a few ways in which online activity can be used to promote your research:


Blog is a very popular content sharing platform and can be used to effectively introduce your research and engage in conversations with interested readers. Short headlines, lay summaries and impact statements can help your work become more searchable too. Plain language explanations are very effective as well, especially for non-English speakers.

Networking online

Social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are useful media to distribute research work and help interact with audience to gain popularity. These make for a great platform to reach thought leaders and potential collaborators in your field of research.

Semantic Social Network Analysis

The chatter about your research work can be painfully disseminated, posing difficulties in tracking, collation and analysis. Digital tools combined with Semantic Social Network Analysis techniques can help analyze the trends and provide useful feedback.

With these tips you’re all set to publish your research paper and reach the right audience.

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