Online learning – the future of education


True democratization of knowledge occurred with the advent of advanced internet and communication technologies and this emergence opened up a new mode of education called eLearning. The concept of eLearning has evolved over the last two decades, offering a plethora of ways to access and learn without any constraints of time, geography and availability of human tutor.

Most educational institutes have jumped into the eLearning bandwagon for the myriad advantages it offers. Though campus based education is still the preferred mode for majority students, online education has gained popularity and credibility in the market.

So what makes this online learning ecosystem so appealing? Well as a start, the classrooms are just a click away on any computing device and all one needs is reasonably fast internet. The very fundamentals of online learning rests on two principles – educational theoretic and technologies associated with media, computing and communications. There are so many domains under educational technology but online learning systems are built to assist students and educational institutions to create a platform where in learning can be consumed and imparted in a way similar to any brick and mortar campus.

The advances in technology have made these virtual classrooms platform replete with seamless collaboration and engagement among students and tutors. The biggest advantage of online learning is the fact that this mode is easy to set up with minimal infrastructure, flexible learning framework, and finally the most important – it is less expensive than conventional classroom learning. The digital age is taking an enormous form as man and machine are forging a grand alliance and online learning systems will be a key platform to deliver the knowledge to the masses without any breach in its integrity.

iPublishCentral Learn is a sophisticated learning solution offered by Impelsys. This platform enables a quick-to-build infrastructure to help deploy a customized e learning solution and monetize existing learning material. The solution can be integrated into a chosen adaptive learning engine and for supplementary courseware development services to go along with the platform.