Plug-in Impelsys’ Online eBook Reader to Your Existing e-Commerce Portal – iPublishCentral Reader as a Service


Most publishers usually have their own e-commerce sites where they have been selling print books for decades. With ebooks so widely used now, many of these publishers continue to use the same e-commerce site for print books but are not able to extend it to support ebook sales. These publishers are either hesitant or face technological barriers to implement ebooks platform to their existing infrastructure.

If technology was not a barrier, would these publishers sell their ebooks directly to their users? We talked to many publishers and realized that they do not directly sell ebooks because they cannot deliver them themselves as easily as they deliver print books. They are then forced to sell their ebooks through a handful of resellers.

This is especially true for the small and mid-size publishers who already have their own e-commerce portals for print books. Since you already have an e-commerce portal you can sell your print books, but why limit it to print? Are you one of these publishers? Why not have your own ebooks portal where you have full control of your ebooks sales and don’t have to share revenue with resellers?

If the technology can provide ebook fulfilment, content protection through military-grade DRM and can easily integrate into your existing e-commerce solution, would you do digital? Here is your solution – you can plug-in Impelsys’ iPublishCentral Reader to your e-commerce website and deliver  reading experience to your readers.

Once you do that you can sell both print and ebooks on your e-commerce portal and we will take care of the fulfillment. The readers don’t have to leave your website or register anywhere else to access the ebooks. Your readers can access the book instantly (DRM protected) without leaving your website.

iPublishCentral Reader supports PDFs, ePUB2 and ePUB3, for online or offline reading (a reader application is installed for offline reading). We at Impelsys can help you create the ebooks for you as well. Your readers can personalize the content (notes, bookmarks and highlights, which gets synced across devices). You will get detailed analysis of your ebooks sales and have full control of your inventory and pricing. Your readers can also access the ebooks offline using our mobile apps. With very few changes to your current eCommerce site – we can make this work for you.

The image above shows a glimpse of our online PDF reader.

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