Selling Content Direct to Customers – Change Always Hits Resistance – How Impelsys Can Help?


Changes are always difficult to embrace. It’s common across the board with publishing industry being no exception. You will find resistance when people are asked to change. And hence we tend to procrastinate until there is no other choice left.

There’s a common theme I find when I talk to my customers. We are in an industry where even after all these years of digital content consumption we still talk about who is winning – print or digital? It is a given that digital content is here to stay and that doesn’t mean print is dead. Readers want the freedom to read in format, delivery, and device of their choice. Publishers need to look at content not just as a book but as a content that can be delivered in different formats. Formats can be in form of books – both print and ebooks, learning materials, ancillaries, content extracts, videos, audios, animation and what not.

Embracing Change

Enabled by technology, most publishers are gradually embracing this change. It’s always easier to sell your books through online retailers/ aggregators, however there is no online retailer/ aggregator who can help publishers monetize the content in all these formats. Publishers also need their own sales channel to drive this change and leverage the digital assets they own. Not just that, direct channel allows publishers to understand their readers through the analytics it provides. It is a big decision for a company to make. As they say, big changes create big holes – that is also what some publishers are apprehensive of.


At Impelsys, what we suggest is getting started with a platform that is modular and scalable. iPublishCentral a comprehensive reading to learning solution that is built around content. Publishers can choose to start with just the ebooks. They will eventually grow this confidence that iPublishCentral has the capabilities to support other formats as and when they choose to get onboard.

iPublishCentral also understands the publishing ecosystem and is open to integrate with any other third party system as long as they have APIs for integration. The local accounts support team makes it easier for our customers to get onboard – even if they are switching from another vendor. Our onboarding and development process involves the customer from the beginning to the go-live with inputs from customers at every stage.

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