Optimizing eBook content to generate greater traffic


The way readers consume information is changing. Not only are readers exposed to different types of content formats such as blogs, articles, whitepapers, eBooks and more, they are also using different devices such as tablets, laptops and smartphones to access this information. Consequently, it has become increasingly important for online publishers to create content that attracts readers.

While the popularity of eBooks has been on the rise among certain demographics, understanding how the target audience seek eBooks of interest is paramount for eBook publishing companies. Publishing an eBook does not end at creating great content. It is important that the readers can find and access your eBook.

Here are a few simple ways that can drive traffic to your eBook:

  • Keyword optimization is the key to generating eBook traffic

While it is true that eBook publishing companies can use surveys to better understand their readers’ interests, these surveys can be restrictive and not depict the true picture of reader interests. Keyword analysis reveals data that is quantifiable and can put editorial research on the fast track. Knowing exactly how many readers are searching for a topic can make publishing an eBook that is relevant an easy task. Once you know the keyword that your readers are searching for, you can employ keyword optimization tools to direct this traffic to your eBook. Keyword optimization helps you better align your content efforts with the topics that the audiences are hungry to learn about.

  • Metadata optimization

The most important eBook content element to optimize is metadata. The metadata which includes the page title, meta description and the page’s URL is visible in search engine results pages to help the user decide if your listing is of interest to them. Since these elements decide whether the reader chooses to read your eBook or not, it is essential that the content is catchy, and search engine compliant.

  • Creating an optimized body content for your eBook

One cannot deny the fact that keyword optimization drives traffic to any written online content. With the right keywords, you can get your target audience to find your content. However, this does not mean that you overuse keywords. To make keyword usage natural, you can create an outline for your content that highlights key elements of your page’s topic and gets into specifics. By doing so, opportunities to use your researched keywords will naturally arise. Using keywords in your subtitles, paragraph content, image alt tags captions will boost the views to your eBook.

By implementing these eBook optimization tips, you’re bound to increase organic search traffic to your eBook over time.

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