Transform learning with digital courseware


Today modern technology provides the right tools to personalize education to the needs of an individual learner. A digital courseware can be tailored to the student’s preferences and aptitude levels. From helping them understand course fundamentals to tailored advanced training for individual skill levels, digital courseware is transforming the online education space in a huge way. The effect has been extended from formal education to other learning avenues including corporate training.

The right digital courseware design and presentation is critical in providing the desired learning experience. Take a look at some of the trending courseware delivery methods:

Instructor-led courseware

Designed to simulate the traditional classroom learning experience, the Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) has transformed the way learning is imparted. With graphic-rich presentation and short and meaningful content, the courseware can be tailored for personalized delivery.

Computer-Based Training (CBT) courseware

A human instructor-free medium, the courseware offers a simulated platform where the learners can learn at their own pace. With small and clear instructions, the learner is able to maneuver through the courseware. They can easily interact with the platform for clarifications, guidance and feedback.

Interactive tutorials

Videos are currently the most popular communication media in the world. A study by Cisco claims that by 2019, nearly 80% of the internet traffic can be attributed to videos. Using interactive content development with 3D simulation and videos, digital courseware can be developed to deliver an engaging and immersive learning experience.


Gamification is fast emerging as a very popular technique for learning engagement. Adopting game mechanics in producing simulations for problem solving, it helps achieve improved engagement with the learner and allows better retention and application of the concepts learnt.

Appropriately designed courseware isn’t enough. Collaboration, continual testing the efficacy of the platform and improving engagement are equally critical.

Impelsys offers a wide range of digital courseware products for the global education market. From blended learning and self-learning courseware, we offer tailored solutions that can be easily deployed and integrated to your existing platform. Offering a complete content delivery solution, we are transforming the way content is delivered today.