Seven Reasons why you must opt for digital publishing


All over the world publishers are seeking ways and means of increasing their footprint, and developing engaging digital publishing is a necessary step towards that goal. Going digital and integrating social media is imperative to the growth of any business. Here are seven reasons why you must join the digital bandwagon:

1.Global reach

Digital publishing has the advantage of reaching readers beyond boundaries. It has become a powerful way to keep readers interest and maintain loyalty even when they have moved to another location.

 2.Faster publishing and distribution

With the advent of technology, digital publishing reaches and engages audiences in a short time. Unlike a print edition that takes time to print and distribute, a digital edition can be uploaded in a matter of minutes to reach a global audience.

 3.Reduction of cost

Publishers stand to save both time and money with faster publishing and distribution via the digital medium. Digital publishing also enables you to sell copies of your current issues without having the expense and logistics associated with unsold inventory.

 4.Better engagement with readers

Digital publishing enables a publisher to track how a reader engages with his product by tracking every mouse-click. This information will serve as captured data that can be used to identify the preferences and choices of readers.

 5.Synergy with print

Technology helps publishers create great synergy between their print and digital offerings. Digital software allows you to design and paginate for both print and digital editions at the same time. This rids publishers the hassle of re-working content, graphics or layout for a digital edition separately.

 6.Inclusion of marketing tools

The digital medium allows publishers to insert multimedia elements into content using video, sound and interactive links, giving the reader a seamless reading experience. Advertisements appearing in the digital format are also frequently read and readers’ response can also be assessed accurately.

 7.Integration with social media

Best Digital publishing platform also enables efficient integration with various tools of social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. These tools can turn into a point of immediate contact to connect with readers. Social media enables efficient communication between the publisher and readers and also helps in free publicity of content.

As the number of digital devices multiply, it makes business sense for any publisher to adopt the digital medium. With fewer costs, vibrant content and better connection with advertisers and readers, digital is indeed the next frontier for publishing.