How enhanced eBooks can help improve user experience


Today’s user wants much more than just a digital avatar of a print book. The modern reader accesses content on the go.  Consequently, user expectations on eBooks have changed and book publishers are looking at taking eBooks to the next level with what is described as enhanced eBooks.

So what’s an enhanced eBook? At its very basic, enhanced eBooks have embedded video, embedded audio, narration and animation that facilitate interactivity. Other features include incorporation of endnotes and subject indexes.

An enhanced eBook aims to offer a fulfilling reader experience be it a children’s book, for students, or even for service-related domains. However, it isn’t as easy as it seems.  Here are some tips to note while considering an enhanced eBook:

  • Ensure that overall messaging is not lost
  • Decide what works best for your target audience
  • Enhanced eBook will increase the file size which may discourage some users. Keep this in mind when you are creating an enhanced eBook. You may wish to place the media files on your website instead of inside the eBook itself

Enhanced eBooks are innovative digital books that facilitate immersive experiences within the book by seamlessly integrating various elements, and offer a truly engaging reading experience.

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