Tips to Choose a Journal Publishing Platform


A journal publishing platform has the potential to help publishers, academicians & universities to promote journals & interdisciplinary collections on a single digital platform. This aids in making the publications more accessible to readers & also engages their audience.

Such a platform offers valuable statistics, facilitates raising citations, and helps in elevating the journal’s presence worldwide while saving time and providing resource management for the content.

Here are the key features that should be considered while choosing a journal publishing platform:

Easily Manageable – Creating and editing volumes, issues, and articles is a tedious task in the publishing world. To manage the same, the platform should be easy to navigate and perform functions so that the publishing house can operate it without any difficulty.

User-Friendly Interface – With a significant percentage of people worldwide preferring smartphones and other mobile devices for reading or conducting journal researches, it is essential to opt for a platform with a responsive design. An intuitive interface that displays the content according to the device helps in providing the best user experience..

Built-in Search Engine Features:  Another important criterion, when selecting a journal publishing platform is the flexibility offered with the search parameters. Offering several search parameters like keywords, publication date range, phrase matches, author, etc. help the users to find the relevant journals quickly and easily.

Personalization: Unlike the rigidity of books, the experience of a digital publishing platform should offer several degrees of personalization to meet the needs of individual users. Customization appeals more directly to users – engaging them to the platform.

A Tailored Gateway to Journal Platform – Ijournet publishing platform for iPC Scholar 2.0 is designed for scholarly publishers, education providers &  academic societies. The portal is a full-featured publishing platform for hosting journals that went live last year & currently hosts around 320 journals. allows users to access content from a wide variety of journals on a single platform with a tailored feature set. Built with Impelsys’ state-of-the-art technology, it allows control over content features and capabilities, with world-class reliability.

Here’s how our exclusive and state-of-the-art technology enabled journal platform will help you.

  • Easy to Use Search Functionalities – Performs basic and advanced searches based on parameters like keywords, publication date range, phrase matches, author, open-access type or restricted access type, etc.
  • Content Control – User Access Restriction Plugin – Provides complete control of the content by restricting access to pages/journals for the users, specific user roles or for logged out users. Facilitates content visibility restriction based on login.
  • Supports PDF & JATS Format – Offers an intuitive user interface and well defined workflows to manage journal hierarchies. The journal reader now supports the PDF and JATS format – an XML that is used for online scientific publishing.
  • Online Payment Gateways – Supports the purchase of journals/articles through payment gateway CCAvenue
  • Login Model and Authentication Access – Model support for B2B, B2C, and IP based login for B2B. Also provides access to content outside the IP range through device pairing for B2B.
  • Social Login – Provides single sign-on using social media logins with FB, Google, and Twitter;hence, simplifying registrations and logins for end users.
  • Analytics for Personalization – Creates comprehensive journal classification of the most popular publications and articles based on real time usage through analytics.
  • Subscription Management – Supports purchased order activation/subscription through external system notification.
  • Report Management – Supports Counter 5 Reports, Orders report, Device pairing report, Subscription, Usage report, etc.
  • End User Support – Key Highlights
      1. Access Profile, Manage Account & Passwords, and Billing Address
      2. Access Personal space with highlights on last accessed article information – saved for later reads and purchased article details.
      3. Access to Order Details by Order number, Date, Price, Payment Status, etc.
      4. Maintain personalization on the read content – maintain notes, highlights, export the notes / personalization


An industry-leading journal publishing platform – Ijournet reflects Impelsys’ continued investment in its core platform and its commitment to developing tools and features that will help publishers to negotiate their evolving market and remain competitive.

Content is more valuable than ever and it is pivotal for the publishers to capitalize on it. Different publishers have different needs. With a gamut of available features and continuous access to the most innovative tools on the market, it is imperative to adopt a scalable platform that can help you transform and grow your business.