Why Mobile Apps are Important for Your Publishing Business


One of the key features of today’s modern digital environment is being omnichannel.  With the mobile revolution, businesses worldwide have begun to discover the myriad possibilities available in this digital world.

With the advent of the HTML-browsing capable mobile devices, reading text these days has increasingly shifted onto digital screens rather than printed paper. Similarly, people are reading, buying, watching, and communicating more on digital & mobile than ever before in the publishing business.

The main reasons businesses choose to invest in apps are to provide a better customer experience, help boost return on investment, and become more competitive in the market.

How a Mobile Application will boost the publishing business:

Offer a new digital address to interact with the target audience:

A mobile app for publishers is a great strategy to meet your customers, keep them engaged with your brand, and upgrade their brand and book experience from hardcovers to stunning pixel-perfect ebooks on mobile screens. Thus brand-customized mobile app provides a digital address to showcase books, distribute, and sell them online in a global e-marketplace.

One app to reach B2B and B2C audience:

Rather than selling via third-party websites such as Amazon and other similar eCommerce platforms, digital savvy publishers can now increase their customer pool with direct-to-consumer sales.

With a custom-designed mobile app, publishers can sell their books directly to consumers online, overcoming geographical barriers, allowing them to go global overnight. Publishers can use the mobile app to nurture relationships with customers, raise brand awareness and increase loyalty, thereby creating advocates for the brand.

Get customized eReader to engage customers:

As the digital space gets crowded with an overwhelming number of eBook apps, publishers need to focus on delivering an excellent, well-rounded user experience. With functionality elements such as book navigation, bookmarks, notes, and highlights that can instantly take the reading experience of your digital content to the next level, thereby creating a long-term association with the target audience.

With an app in hand, the customers can purchase, download and read their favorite books and authors on the eReader anywhere at any time.

Personalized eBookstore to create enhanced user experience:

Publishers can leverage the electronic book to distribute personalized content and engage their target audience since they can be easily accessed virtually from any device connected to the internet.

The contents on the eBooks are mostly cloud-based that allows authors and publishers to update the information regularly, providing the users with the latest digital content.

With an eBookstore, users can browse, select, read through sample pages and then purchase a book of their liking in a few minutes without any hassle or overhead and infrastructural costs. Publishers can make their books available in apps and sell across stores in any part of the world online in a few clicks.

Plug-in Payment Gateway Integration:

As a critical part of your customer’s purchase journey, a customized mobile app for publishers opens doors to thousands of readers in just a few clicks. Developing an app with a payment gateway has become an integral part of online businesses today. It makes the buying and selling of things easier for both users and sellers. Publishers can use the Plug-in payment gateway to generate sales by converting browsers to buyers allowing them to pay online within seconds on the app.

Generate valuable analytics for Insights:

Publishers can leverage the valuable insights generated from the digital tools available in the app to better understand their customers’ preferences, lifestyles, and purchasing habits. Reaching the targeted audience directly via an app enables the publisher to control the data, which they can use to identify the pain points in the customer journey, allowing the publisher to nurture the relationship with the customers and open direct communication lines to enhance their buying experience.


For any business to be successful, it should strive for development and stay up-to-date with the newest technologies. Organizations should adapt to innovations and technological advancements that can make them more efficient. Creating a mobile app can effectively assist in achieving these goals and attract new customers and generate more sales.