Creating smart and intuitive eBook indexes


A basic yet essential feature of any book, the index has acquired great significance in the world of eBooks. A well-designed index can be a great asset to any eBook as it helps readers to find information more smartly. In today’s age of information overload, an index can come very handy for readers in their research.

Unlike its print counterpart, eBook index goes beyond mere words to include similar concepts. This is particularly useful for scholars and researchers as an index helps them to explore themes and concepts.

Relevance-based results with eBook indexing

An eBook index works with the help of hyperlinks that take the user to the exact location of the relevant text and information under various sections. An index helps readers by collecting information on a topic that may be described using different keywords. It sorts out the occurrences of the keywords in the book by relevance and in chronological order. For instance, a rich index shows the highest density of a particular phrase and prioritizes the frequency of that phrase occurring in a heading over its occurrences in body text.

The index also throws up other titles on that topic by that particular author or publisher. It can also help the reader directly access these relevant links or guide him to purchase these other titles. For pure reference guides and in-depth studies an index can be particularly useful.

It’s more than just text search

The advantage of using an index in place of an online search is that it helps readers look for information on the basis of synonyms and related terms. A good index will consider all related information on a topic unlike a simple text search. Going forward, search tools and indexes can be integrated to work in synchrony by forwarding queries to each other.

Ideally, the index functionality should be on the same page that the reader is on. It must offer the reader relevant information without disrupting the reading experience.

As an eBook index gets more refined, it has turned into an indispensable tool for any reader. Improving on the shortcomings of its print counterpart, a digital index is the key to smarter eBooks that guide readers in their pursuit of knowledge.