Forging sustainable relationships with consumers by creating a robust digital experience


At the current expanse and pace of digital innovation organizational sustenance without an effective customer digital strategy is at risk. Half of the people around the world can’t imagine their lives without a digital device and a great number of tasks are performed on these devices. Online and offline consumers are birds of very different feathers, a good customer experience strategy doesn’t equate to a good digital customer experience strategy. In the hyper competitive digital age where businesses are proliferating rapidly it’s wise to invest in the digital and is imperative to have in place a future proof digital strategy for growth and expansion.

As digital technologies proliferate into every industry, publishing is one which is experiencing the wave at its highest strength – as content in any form is mostly found and consumed in digital environment these days. As this new environment provides new opportunities for publishers to connect with customers and grow their relationships with them, a robust digital strategy has to be in place to stay relevant to  a modern consumer.

User experience is key to an effective digital strategy, consumers today seek convenience across all points of interaction like retail portal, app or digital reader. User experience or UX helps make the customers loyal and promoters of the brand. Consumers need to find (discoverability), access and interact with the content with ease, when there is convenience of interaction a sustainable relationship is established between the brand and the customer.

Consistency across channels and devices is another key factor for brand success. Digital natives switch across multiple platforms and brand interaction takes place across different channels. As consumers are expecting their experiences to be coordinated and seamless across apps and devices, the brand and content experience need to be consistent across these channels, a single standout customer experience gets a customer’s attention.

Mobility holds the key

When we said half of the people around the world can’t imagine their lives without a digital device, we can say with almost certainty that the device is a mobile device like a smartphone or a tablet. Most of the content is consumed in mobile devices and mobility should be at the focus of a sustainable digital strategy. Customers are in the driver’s seat and they demand a great user experience with consistency and personalization on mobile devices. Personalization is a great way to build an audience and engage with it,  it needs to be taken seriously and taken to highest possible level. As content on the mobile is accessed on-the-go users have little patience for delays or lags, a few seconds of delay in loading the content could drive away a potential consumer. Also content for mobile delivery needs to be optimized for seamless and fast delivery across different types of devices, apps and operating systems.

A powerful digital strategy should also consider the general behavior of customers in the market and user psychology. While buying decisions are shaped by user experience and accessibility, equally important is brand image, a thing like trust factor and the belief that your organization and your brand is upstanding and accepted. Creating a brand persona with genuine emotional message and reaching out to the people while offering value for your product, this is mostly done through social media.

With increasing usage of digital platforms a humongous amount of data is collected. In 2017 Amazon sold 636 items per second on Amazon Prime Day, YouTube saw 300 hours of video uploaded by users every minute, and Google handled 3.5 billion searches per day, all this interaction is collected as data. How much data does your organization collect every day and how safe is it? Any digital strategy must also consider the safety of its own data and privacy of its customers. Data breaches have dominated headlines on many days in recent years, and its increasingly important to have measures in place for data security and privacy, it needs to be a priority.

While digital alone cannot be a complete strategy for publishers, authors and retailers, it certainly deserves attention in this age where digital is seeping into every corner of our lives. Creating a successful digital strategy is a holistic approach wherein it is accessed from all aspects, it should also align with broad and long term goal of the company and should be able to provide gains in long term.

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