Using digital courseware to improve student performance


With the evolution of technology in all spheres of life, it isn’t surprising that path-breaking advances in the field of education have occurred in the last few years. One major development is the advent of digital learning technologies. Digital learning can be characterized as any type of learning that is enabled by technology. Digital courseware encompasses electronic tools, systems and resources that create, store or process learning material and is the tool used to disburse digital learning technologies.  Studies prove that digital courseware enables learners to grasp concepts more quickly and fully. At the same time, virtual and interactive examples help learners connect theory and application more proficiently. A study by McGraw-Hill Education followed nine instructors across 16 disciplines and found that 15 percent more students earned top grades when using digital courseware compared to students who did not use these materials. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Further developments in the field of digital learning technology create possibilities that we could never imagine before.

Here’s how digital learning technologies can benefit learners and educators:

Students can learn with efficiency on the go

Digital learning technologies provide students with myriad ways to learn subject material. Digital assessment, simulations, visualizations, games and real-time, instantaneous online support. This help students have a richer than ever learning environment that is conducive to developing an in-depth understanding of concepts.

Digital learning makes education more affordable and accessible to students by offering courses from all parts of the world. Students can use their smartphones or laptops and gain access to a variety of course as and when they wish to learn.

Educators can improve instructional styles and make learning interactive

Digital learning technologies empower instructors to create highly interactive digital courseware that can tap into the interest of their students. Instructors can distribute new ideas more quickly, reaching more people and impacting more lives. Instructors can create richer teaching experiences to aid in diverse subjects such as architecture and entrepreneurship as well as global climate change and beyond.

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