What is adaptive learning and why is it the future of education…


We learn our entire life, there is no end of learning. We all read and learn about different things and we learn in our own unique pace and method. In the largely prevailing education systems a group/ class of learners is made to learn a standard course in a pace consistent for the entire class. But the truth is that we all have our individually unique pace of learning. And so when a group of students is delivered same lessons at same pace a few of the students may lag in comprehension while few others might learn faster.

Adaptive learning is a concept wherein every student is provided with her own individual path of learning. Depending on how much she already knows or what she needs to know and the amount of time she needs to comprehend a particular concept.

Adaptive learning

It came into form a few years back when researchers in education wanted to exploit modern technology for the advantage of education. Number of colleges and universities had realized that a standard catchall learning approach is not fully efficient. Initial investigative models of adaptive learning brought positive results. And a huge amount of investment money began to pour in to enhance the technology. According to a Gartner estimate a big chunk of the investment of $67.8 bn in technology towards education sector, will go in developing adaptive learning and adaptive eBooks. With successive refinement and improvisation adaptive learning is now fully implemented in many schools and universities across the world.

The concept of adaptive eBooks

It takes origin from the fact that every reader/ student has a unique learning curve and that personalized content aligned to the reader’s learning curve can promote improved learning outcomes. The method was conceived a long ago, but recent spurt in technology has made it possible to capture learner data. On the basis of which the algorithm delivers different topics to the learner to master it.

The topics are delivered based on the learner’s knowledge consumption capability. They doesn’t have to go through topics of which they have prior understanding, thus saving time and effort. The system also keeps a track of student’s progress based on their performance reports that are generated. It helps in understanding the areas where more work is needed, It also supports instructor’s teaching goals.

With an expanding area of research and development adaptive learning is attracting investments and grants. The technology will further evolve and the market will grow in coming years. In turn urging providers of learning like universities, colleges, professional associations and organisations to adopt it sooner than later.

Providing anywhere anytime access working on online platforms adaptive learning helps student progress in multiple ways, like, increased control – students can focus on what they need to know and skip the familiar topics. More engagement, fun and sense of accomplishment. Deep learning – better memorization, information retention for longer time. Higher confidence and increased credits.

Adaptive eBooks from Impelsys

A new form of learning resource that have raised personalized learning to its pinnacle. Stressing on productive learning through fluid content Impelsys Adaptive eBooks are designed to improve learning outcomes through personalized learning paths. Adaptive learning is the newest and one of the most influential breakthrough in education technology in last many decades, which will have a significant effect in the ways formal education will be provided in future.