Events and Conferences as a Part of e-Learning Strategy


Online learning or e-learning has seen a tremendous growth in last one decade with most of the universities and schools as well as enterprises implementing digital learning as a major contributor to their learning strategies. Online learning is driven by technology, it uses learning management system (LMS) and internet to disburse education, assess the learning results, and uses various embedded technologies that inculcate interactivity to enhance the learning. As the industry passes through rapidly changing trends in technology and learning itself, it’s overwhelming for educators to seek the best and most suitable strategy and successfully implement it in the online learning mission.

e-Learning events and conferences that happen around the country and world are places of abundant knowledge, hands on experience, sources of new ideas and networking opportunities . To give a key spot to events and conferences in our online learning strategies is important and here are few reasons why.


Events are a hotspot of knowledge, that we see it only when we are present there. Events are a showcase of evolving trends and technologies, global companies and suppliers of technology vie for attention – that’s what events are for – and hence display the best they have got. Events are the place where you peep into your competitors latest game plan. To know the latest and to get an idea on how to refurbish your online learning strategies attending an online learning event can help in many ways.


The exhibitors section is where you see the latest technologies and methods that could help your e-learning strategies, explore it and you might strike upon a treasure. If you are looking for a technology partner which could help you achieve your goals then this is the opportunity, visit the technology vendors and explore their products. Impelsys is a technology partner of educators and enterprises throughout the world with over a decade of experience, their top notch online learning management system iPublishCentral Learn offers the best support for online learning needs. Impelsys attends e-learning and technology events like London Book Fair, FocusOn, DevLearn, EDUCAUSE, Frankfurt Book Fair and others. Here is the link to make a contact and schedule a meeting with Impelsys to discuss your next e-learning strategy


e-Learning events and conferences provide the best networking opportunities to connect with the community and peers from across the world who want to explore and are ready to share ideas. Conferences, speaking sessions and socializing opportunities offer a conducive environment for networking. It’s an opportunity to learn from leaders in the industry and know about best practices from them.

Get Noticed

Events also provide a stage for you to be seen and known in the community. The more of them you attend the more you will be a recognized contributor. Conferences are an opportunity to pose yourself as a thought leader, and get invited in future events as a speaker. This increases your experience and gives you a good exposure. The earned recognition also helps in promoting your brand and your efforts.

It’s hard to keep up with everything that happens in the area of our profession but it’s wise to keep an open eye. Despite of possessing vast amount of knowledge about the trade many of us have had a eureka moment when we see and experience something or meet someone at an event, where best and the latest of the industry is converging. Besides events are not all about work, attending an event away from your workplace is an excuse for a little break. And with plenty of learning and socializing happening around, it’s refreshing as well as enlightening.