Why SaaS based learning management system is an obvious choice


The decision to choose the best online learning management system (or LMS) should take in consideration factors. Like, goal of the learning programme, money to be spent on the new asset and expectations from the tool. Learning management system which is hosted on the vendor site and used by client as ‘Software as a Service’ or SaaS based learning management system. It comes with numerous benefits over installed on-premise software. We take a look at how SaaS based learning management system can provide an edge over installed ones in most of the online learning requirements.

Trouble free operation

A cloud based LMS like iPC Scholar 3.0 is hosted on vendor premise. Which means it is continually monitored by a dedicated team who looks for any malfunction and does regular quality checks. The creators of the LMS who have worked years on it know in and out of the technical working of the system and hence are the most reliable people to take care of it. Providers of learning, like academic institutions or HR departments of enterprises do not need to spend technology manpower dedicated for the tool, and since the to and fro data is encrypted there is no concern for security of the content.


Unlike installed applications which come as standard packages, SaaS based learning management system can be customized to suit unique requirements. Every learning programme has different set of requirements, a SaaS based learning management system like iPC Scholar 3.0 can have any feature added, tweaked or removed depending on a particular need.

You pay for what you use

Cost is the primary factor that sets SaaS based LMS apart from installed platforms. An installed platform comes with a heavy capital investment, whereas subscription based cloud platform usually has a low start up price and a monthly payment depending on the package. Besides, on premise platforms might have compatibility issues conflicting with user devices. Some SaaS platforms like iPC Scholar 3.0 also offer free maintenance and technical support.

Medium of choice for the mass

We use tons of cloud based applications every day. Either it is social media, enterprise storage, personal storage, shopping, banking, entertainment, or what not, cloud services are integrated with our lives now. A cloud based learning medium only falls in line with the existing digital eco system which practically runs an important aspect of daily lives globally. So a cloud based SaaS learning tool should be a natural preference over installed software. It’s the familiar medium of choice for users who can access the tool in a browser and log in and start using it.


SaaS platforms are indefinitely scalable, in the sense that any amount of required update can be implemented into them. A fixed onsite software might be scaled for future requirements but unlike the SaaS based platforms it doesn’t offer the flexibility and ease of change. Mobility – through responsive designs and native apps – and ease of implementation are other advantages of a SaaS based platform.

SaaS based learning platforms are the choice for an efficient management of online learning as they offer flexibility, value for money and a convenient operation. iPC Scholar 3.0, and The mon’k Platform are the flagship learning infrastructure of Impelsys offers superlative learning experience with all the advantages of a cloud based system.

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